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Alcohol Monitoring in the Digital Age: How Soberlink Challenges the Status Quo

11 Oct 2021 9:45 AM | Anonymous

By Soberlink, AAML NJ Bronze Sponsor

According to the American Bar Association, approximately 55 thousand divorce cases involving children also involve a parent who uses alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol use can add an extra layer of complication to a child custody case, specifically if a co-parent abuses it. 

Studies have repeatedly shown the importance of shared custody of children. In a meta-analysis of 1,846 sole-custody arrangements and 814 joint-custody arrangements, psychologists concluded that children who get time with both parents are much more settled. These children had fewer behavior issues, higher self-esteem, better family relations, and better school performances.

With the understanding of shared parenting time often having such a positive influence on the child or children involved, Family Law Professionals have more reason to take steps to make that possible. In co-parenting agreements where excessive drinking may be an issue, alcohol monitoring can foster accountability, provide peace of mind, and ensure safer co-parenting arrangements. 

This article will discuss: 

  • How digital technology affects all professions and industries 
  • Why it is important to stay ahead of technology trends in Family Law 
  • What Soberlink technology is and how it works 
  • Why remote alcohol monitoring technologies are valuable in Family Law
  • How remote monitoring is directly related to offering empathy to clients 
The Digital Revolution: How it Affects All Professions

The Digital Revolution has led the shift from manual or mechanical processes to digitized functions, and these changes have affected all professions, including Family Law. Digital technology is often thought of as something that simplifies mundane functions, such as record-keeping or analyzing documents. However, technology affords numerous techniques to make formerly difficult actions easier in every profession. For example, a doctor can monitor a patient at home via a remote pulse oximeter, a teacher can instruct an entire live class from her kitchen, and a legal professional can use an online AI tool to review extensive contracts in a matter of minutes. 

Why Family Law Professionals Should Stay Ahead of Technology Trends

Technology also has a place in the legal field, whether speaking at virtual client meetings or utilizing tech-based devices to streamline litigation. For one, the adoption of new technology may lead to increased revenue. An analysis covered by Family Lawyer Magazine found that using digitized client portals helped law firms grow revenue by an average of $37,000. Even more noteworthy, those firms carried an average of 17 percent more cases. 

Law clients have grown much more accustomed to legal services with technological elements. For example, 56 percent actually prefer video conferencing instead of interacting over the phone by voice, and 69 percent prefer to electronically submit documents to their lawyer. By staying ahead of technology trends that could heighten the efficiency of everyday processes, a Family Law Professional can better serve their clients, reap new time to dedicate to more clients, and possibly even build more revenue. 

What is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a comprehensive remote alcohol monitoring system that combines an FDA-cleared alcohol testing device with automated alerts and reports to document proof of sobriety in real-time. Unlike lab or EtG testing, Soberlink combines facial recognition with tamper detection and Advanced Reporting capabilities to remotely monitor clients for alcohol use. Designed with flexibility in mind, Soberlink’s customized testing fits into any parenting agreement to ensure child safety. Practitioners receive client test results in real-time, allowing for swift intervention if necessary. 

Soberlink is most used in Family Court to uphold the best interests of the child in cases involving alcohol abuse. Depending on the co-parent’s program level, the Monitored Client will submit 2-3 scheduled tests a day with results sent instantly to all parties listed on the Monitoring Agreement. Innovative technology like Soberlink allows parents to maintain relationships with their children and provides peace of mind to Concerned Parties worried about a child’s safety.

How Technology Like Soberlink Puts a Professional Ahead of the Curve

Using technology like Soberlink for remote alcohol monitoring offers various advantages for Family Law Professionals. For one, results gleaned from Soberlink are court-admissible and trusted by judges. Therefore, data mined from tests can be used in court proceedings to substantiate or dispel alcohol abuse claims. 

A Family Lawyer whose client is facing hearsay could offer Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting as evidence of sobriety in court. Using a universal color code to indicate compliant, non-compliant, and missed tests, Soberlink reports offer helpful insight into a co-parent’s alcohol consumption, helping streamline litigation. 

Utilizing the latest technologies like Soberlink could be what sets a legal professional apart from the competition. Modernizing your practice may help foster trust amongst clients who rely on your expertise and guidance during a case. 

The Importance of Empathy in Custody Cases

According to Lawyer Monthly, empathy is a valuable way to develop rapport with clients. Empathy is perhaps of the utmost importance in child custody cases. The clients that seek legal counsel can be facing some of the most challenging, worrisome circumstances in their lives. Offering empathy and compassion to clients as they work toward a desirable co-parenting outcome can ease some of the emotional turmoil for the client. A professional who can simplify something like alcohol monitoring with technology can display empathy to their clients by offering peace of mind. 


Alcohol monitoring can be the defining key in a child custody case and one that makes all the difference in keeping both parents involved in the lives of their children. Thankfully, remote technology like Soberlink can make alcohol monitoring far easier to manage, helping Family Law Professionals streamline custody cases, improve outcomes, and remain an invaluable resource to their clients. 

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