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How to Complete Your Toolset for NJ Court Form Management

25 Oct 2021 4:23 PM | Alexandra Loukeris

By LEAP Legal Software

New Jersey attorneys need an easier way to manage the onerous task of creating, filing, and storing legal court forms. 

Microsoft 365 is an excellent place to start for any small to mid-sized New Jersey law firm. Programs like Microsoft Word are now “must-haves” for attorneys who also manage their practice but it still doesn’t complete a law firm’s practice management toolset. Even with if-then-else statements, merge fields, and Find and Replace, no attorney can argue that Microsoft Word is an application built specifically for legal professionals - whom have the responsibility of creating and filing multiple court forms without any room for error. 

The following scenario is all too common for law firms in New Jersey: you search for the right court form, consolidate client information from loose post-it notes and journals, and manually key in matter details only to find that you’re missing information from your client or you have accidentally made a mistake. 

Microsoft 365, although important to your business, is only the first step in properly managing court forms and legal documents. These applications still fail to sync information between client and matter information, provide data input, or follow the strict guidelines of integrity that are applied by New Jersey bar associations. It’s important to take these Microsoft 365 tools and enhance them for your practice with the latest legal technology. Doing so will make your workflows more efficient, your services more attractive for clients, and your firm more profitable.

Is there a solution that will allow your law firm to adopt this way of practicing? There is. 

LEAP Legal Software is a true-cloud practice management solution that offers New Jersey attorneys the ability to simplify legal court form and document management with strong Microsoft 365 integrations. In fact, these integrations are part of a feature simply called “LEAP for Word.”

With strong Microsoft 365 integrations, and a dedicated Design & Automation team with over 25 years’ of expertise, your management of court forms will look much like the scenario above with the adoption of strong legal software like LEAP

Now, consider how LEAP could improve court form and document management for your New Jersey law firm:

  1. You have a client and need to fill out a form for a New Jersey court. Luckily, LEAP Legal Software has imported and customized the templates into your practice management software already. 
  2. Don’t already have what you’re looking for? LEAP provides an ever-growing library of updated New Jersey court forms readily available. You didn’t have to search a court’s website or have multiple applications running at once - you find these forms in the same place where all your matter information is already located. 
  3. LEAP for Word instantly pre-fills your legal forms with the detail from the electronic matter, allowing customizable options, saving you time and the worry about entering incorrect information on accident. 
  4. You securely share the document with colleagues, clients, and third-parties as needed and request e-signatures once the form is complete. 
  5. You file the form with your New Jersey court and then keep a saved electronic file in LEAP, readily available when needed. 

Court form and document management can be easier for your New Jersey law firm if you adopt the right tools.

LEAP Legal Software is everything that you need to run your New Jersey law firm. Learn more about what’s possible with LEAP by visiting


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