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4 Ways LEAP Makes New Jersey Law Firms More Productive

20 Dec 2021 4:00 PM | Anonymous

By Kelly Clifford, Vice President, Sales at LEAP Legal Software

Advancements in legal technology are helping New Jersey law firms rethink how they run their businesses. Many legal professionals are shifting their focus to “practice productivity” to enhance quality legal services, improve operational efficiencies, and grow their firms.

Here are four ways that LEAP helps New Jersey law firms, just like yours, become more productive:

1. Using Automation to Eliminate Inefficiencies

LEAP enables New Jersey legal professionals to rely on technology for work like client intake, opening and managing matters, and completing legal forms. A prospective client will complete online intake through the LEAP Web Portal and the matter is automatically pre-configured based on area of law and jurisdiction, without any manual setup.

One of the most popular automation features in LEAP is document assembly. A court form library, with thousands of forms and templates, is readily available for New Jersey law firms. This library includes popular legal forms like Seller’s Residency Certification, 1099-S Reporting, Certification of Insurance Coverage, Summons (Divorce), Affidavit of Title- Individual or Married Couple, Case Management Order, and more. The forms are instantly pre-filled with information directly from the electronic matter. This eliminates any time spent searching for forms and entering information in multiple places to complete a document. 

The latest version, LEAP 2.3, also includes a Clause Library so that New Jersey attorneys can add their most used clauses with only one click. 

2. Organizing Information in One Place

Law firm staff often spend too much time trying to find sticky notes, following up with colleagues for updates, and switching between multiple computer systems to work on a matter. LEAP eliminates all this hassle by keeping all matter information, files, correspondence, and financial records in one place. 

LEAP also leverages Amazon Web Services, with 99.99% uptime, to provide a secure and modern database for easy access to information and “one version of the truth.” LEAP is a cloud-based legal practice productivity solution that eliminates time being spent on dealing with data corruption, server downtime, managing IT resources, and more. The time saved from these types of tasks can be spent on being productive in other areas of the firm, like business development. 

3. Ensuring Critical Deadlines are Met

The latest version of LEAP allows New Jersey attorneys and litigators to streamline how they manage different matters with critical court dates and legal deadlines. A seamless integration with LawToolBox allows law firms to map critical dates, pre-set from the court, and calculate them according to LEAP matters. 

This workflow allows legal professionals to stay on top of complex legal cases with critical due dates so they never miss a deadline. It also protects New Jersey law firms from legal malpractice risks. With LEAP and LawToolBox, attorneys have peace of mind and can easily calculate, create, and track legal deadlines with only a few clicks.

4. Keeping Your Law Firm in Your Pocket

Technology is changing the traditional work model and allowing consumers to have healthcare, banking, and legal services readily available to them from anywhere. This ease of access to information is creating greater expectations from consumers who are paying for these types of services. 

New Jersey law firms are getting more inquiries, questions, comments, and more at all different times of the day. To keep up with the demand, it’s imperative for law firms to adopt a work model that allows for staff to have flexibility to work from anywhere. The LEAP Mobile App keeps New Jersey legal professionals productive while away from their desks, enabling them to easily correspond with clients, access files, scan documents, instantly capture billable time, and more. 

With the latest version of LEAP, New Jersey law firms will also benefit from an updated user interface making the mobile app even more intuitive with dashboard overviews for matter details. 

LEAP is the legal practice productivity solution helping New Jersey law firms exceed client expectations, enhance work efficiencies, and be more profitable. Learn more about how to make your firm productive by visiting www.leap.us/new-jersey/ and schedule a time to meet with a productivity specialist. 

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