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The Ultimate Guide to Legal Software for New Jersey Family Law Firms

23 Sep 2022 1:36 PM | AAML NJ Administrator (Administrator)

By LEAP US, AAML NJ Silver Sponsor

New Jersey family law firms recognize the need to adopt technology to improve productivity, revenue, and overall client satisfaction. However, the legal technology market is growing with multiple offerings that can make it challenging for matrimonial lawyers to find the right solution that will improve law firm business practices. This article is the ultimate guide to legal practice productivity software for New Jersey family law firms and will answer the following questions:

  • What is legal software?
  • What are the benefits of legal software for New Jersey family law firms?
  • What does an all-in-one solution look like?
What is legal software?

Legal software helps matrimonial attorneys run and manage all aspects of their family law practice. These law firm software solutions can be a single, comprehensive, and integrated system or a collection of different systems with one goal: to help attorneys manage their law firm business and client needs. For family law firms, this would include centralizing contacts, documents, emails, and more in a single electronic matter and simplifying time recording for more frequent and accurate billing and invoicing. Other functions include managing, automating, and enhancing:

  • Business development and matter creation
  • Document assembly and management
  • Time recording on billable tasks
  • Trust accounting and bank reconciliation
  • Law firm reporting
  • And more
What are the benefits of legal software for New Jersey family law firms?

The right legal software will improve law firm productivity, efficiency, and profitability along with several other benefits. New Jersey family law firms that take advantage of legal cloud software technology also experience reduced overhead costs, less manual day-to-day work, better legal client services, and better financial management. Not only do these benefits improve law firm employee output but they also drive higher client satisfaction which improves business development. Additionally, New Jersey family law firms can reduce their risk of malpractice and noncompliance by implementing a solution that ensures the availability of up-to-date legal forms, elimination of data errors from multiple entries, and increased profitability with streamlined timekeeping, invoicing, billing, and trust accounting.

What does an all-in-one solution look like?

An all-in-one legal software solution should include everything legal professionals need to run a law firm including practice management, document assembly, legal accounting, and legal publishing. LEAP legal practice productivity solution includes all four aspects to support New Jersey family law firm’s daily operations.

Practice Management

LEAP enables matrimonial attorneys to manage their practice whether they are in the office, in court, or on the go and with a secure connection through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Remote accessibility for matter and case management means that lawyers can onboard legal clients, access files and documents, manage legal deadlines, capture more billable time, send invoices, and receive payments from anywhere.

Document Assembly & Management

New Jersey family law firms using LEAP can auto-populate forms and documents, with client information and commonly used clauses, with only a few clicks. This document automation starts by pulling details from electronic matters that are then filled into the correct document fields. This eliminates redundant data entry and potential errors that arise when manually keying in information. Update the client details once and use it for all legal documents and forms.

LawConnect integrates with LEAP so matrimonial attorneys and clients can share large files through a secure portal. Given the nature of family law matters, these extra security layers provide the needed protection to store, access, and share documents. LEAP makes it easy for matrimonial attorneys to collaborate with clients on documents and request e-signatures for filing.

Legal Publishing

Access to automated legal documents and matter types helps to reduce time spent on manual tasks and errors caused by duplicate data entry. LEAP offers access to legal forms and pre-built matter types for New Jersey matrimonial lawyers to eliminate hours of administrative work. The LEAP Content team ensures that all forms are up-to-date so that New Jersey firms can rest assured that they are maintaining compliance. Additionally, attorneys have access to the LEAP Clause Library to simplify and expedite the legal drafting process. Matrimonial attorneys can easily find and complete legal forms like Certificate of Insurance Coverage Pursuant to R. 5:4-f (LD-NJ-FAM-0025), Summons (Divorce) (LL-NJ-FAM-0123), Case Management Order (R. 5:5-7) (LL-NJ-FAM-0011), and Confidential Litigant Information Sheet (LD-NJ-FAM-0328). This tool helps save time and reduce potential errors from copying and pasting each clause.

Legal Accounting

Office and trust accounting are crucial functions to law firm success and compliance. LEAP makes it easy to generate invoices, manage retainers and trust accounts, and directly capture disbursements in the system to simplify compliance with IOLTA and New Jersey state bar rules with built-in office and trust accounting functionality. Law firm staff can use built-in time recording, legal calculators, and legal billing codes to make it easy for matrimonial lawyers to instantly capture billable time in a timesheet without starting or stopping a timer. LEAP also helps New Jersey family law firms make more invoices with customizable billing templates to create, edit, and send invoices. Additionally, Xero and QuickBooks Online integrate with LEAP to reduce redundant data entry and enable online payment options to improve client experience and get paid faster.


Legal technology is no longer optional if New Jersey family law firms want to remain competitive and experience longevity, productivity, and profitability. As the #1 legal practice productivity solution on the market, LEAP Legal Software offers all the tools matrimonial attorneys need in a single, cloud-based solution, including practice management, document management, legal publishing, and legal accounting. New Jersey legal professionals will have access to dedicated support teams, user feedback forums, and ongoing training resources to be up and running on LEAP in as little as two days. To learn more about LEAP and how it can benefit your New Jersey family law firm, schedule a demo today! 

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