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Birdnesting During a Divorce or Separation – Share the Family Home, at Different Times

3 Oct 2022 1:52 PM | AAML NJ Administrator

By Our Family Wizard, AAML NJ Bronze Sponsor

What is birdnesting divorce?

When birdnesting after divorce or separation, the children stay in the family home—a safe and cozy nest—and the parents take turns living with them.

When one parent is staying with the kids, the other parent stays at another place, like a rented apartment or a family member’s house. Then they swap, and the other parent stays with the children while the parent who was with the kids before stays somewhere else.

“A short-term nesting plan is incredibly beneficial to children at the initial stages of a divorce or separation,” explains Elle Barr, an experienced family law attorney and a court-appointed guardian ad litem, or child welfare expert and attorney for children, for nearly 20 years.

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