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4 Reasons New Jersey Matrimonial Attorneys Need Legal Software with Integrations

10 Jan 2023 11:44 AM | Deleted user

By Leap US, AAML NJ Silver Sponsor

As New Jersey matrimonial attorneys start to review different software solutions for their law firms, they will come up with a list of features that they want the solution to include. While it is essential to ensure that the software contains all the features your firm needs to run and operate efficiently, it is equally essential to ensure that the software offers seamless integrations with other common office and legal solutions. These integrations may include tools your firm already uses or new solutions that can provide additional automation and value to your firm.

In this blog, we will cover the four reasons that New Jersey family law firms should add integrations to their legal software wish list.

 Keep Your Current Systems

Most law firms are already using common office systems like Microsoft Outlook for email management, Microsoft Word for document assembly and management, and Microsoft Teams or Zoom for internal and external collaboration. If a firm’s staff members are happy using these systems, it is essential that any new system easily integrates with those tools to reduce resistance to change and create a single source of truth. For example, Office 365 integrates with LEAP across multiple workflows. Emails sent and received in Outlook automatically save to the correct matter for all staff members to see the latest correspondence with a client. Additionally, LEAP for Word enables matrimonial attorneys to automate document assembly, instantly track time spent on a document, and have it all saved back to the electronic matter. The Microsoft integration does not require your staff members to shift away from the systems they’re comfortable with and saves them countless hours in administrative work with enhanced features.

 Reduce Manual Work

The main goal of any software implementation is to create less work across the business to improve productivity and reduce redundant work across the law firm. Where a software solution does not have a native feature to address a challenge matrimonial attorneys face, it should offer an integration that will provide a solution. Let’s take legal calendaring as an example. LawToolBox exclusively integrates with LEAP so that New Jersey matrimonial attorneys can have peace of mind when managing their cases. In a matter of clicks, they can manage critical dates and deadlines related to their cases as reminders populate into their Outlook calendar. This automation eliminates the need for attorneys to manually create reminders, check for updates, and manage timelines. Additionally, it helps to reduce errors caused by missing deadlines which helps to retain the practice’s and attorney’s reputation and maintain client trust and satisfaction throughout the process.

 Simplify Client Communication and Collaboration

In today’s world, clients expect to be able to access documents and updates at all times and through the convenience of their phone or personal computer. Therefore, family law firms need to identify software solutions that have integrations with a secure and simple collaboration tool that their clients can access. A prime example of this is LawConnect’s exclusive integration with LEAP. LawConnect provides one place to share legal documents between lawyers and clients securely. Matrimonial attorneys can send their clients documents to collaborate using the comment, reply, and sign features online from multiple devices. Not only does this allow clients to quickly and easily provide feedback, but it also creates a secure, single version of truth for attorneys to access the most up-to-date file and have an entire history of any changes.

 Improve Cash Flow and Get Paid Faster

Ultimately, New Jersey family law firms will struggle to stay in business if they do not have a healthy cash flow. Therefore, the legal software firms choose should offer integrations that simplify billing, invoicing, and payment so that firms can bill more regularly and accurately while getting paid faster. For example, RapidPay, powered by LawPay, integrates with LEAP to provide a secure online portal for clients to submit online payments via credit card. In addition, RapidPay generates payment footers on invoices, automatically produces receipts, and sends payment reminders to clients. These features help firms get paid faster and make it easier for clients to make payments with a user experience they’re comfortable and familiar with. From there, QuickBooks Online and Xero integrate with LEAP to complete law firm accounting without having to key in the same information multiple times into several systems.


Whether a law firm has no legal software or is looking to change its current tech stack, they must choose a software solution that offers the integrations they need to have access to everything they need to run their firm efficiently. The LEAP legal practice productivity solution provides comprehensive features and several integrations that enable New Jersey family law firms to create a single version of the truth while running a productive and profitable practice. Learn more at


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