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Year of Divorce Financial Tips for Attorneys and Their Clients

28 Feb 2023 2:48 PM | Anonymous

By Wilmington Trust | AAML NJ Bronze Sponsor

As featured in Family Lawyer Magazine, financial experts and wealth strategists of Wilmington Trust’s National Divorce Advisory Practice share their first annual edition of divorce monthly tips. Using a thematic approach to tackle the many issues facing clients in transition, each monthly tip highlights a topic designed to propel action in a manageable yet disciplined way.

By linking strategies to recognizable themes and breaking them down into 12 timely monthly subjects, attorneys can create a systematic roadmap to help guide clients impacted by divorce.

Contact Sharon L. Klein, Head of Wilmington Trust’s National Divorce Advisory Practice at 212-415-0531 or to discuss ways Wilmington Trust can help your clients successfully navigate complexity and transition.



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