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Template Document Packs: How Document Automation Boosts Productivity for New Jersey Law Firms

5 Oct 2023 11:12 AM | Anonymous

By: LEAP Legal Software AAML NJ Silver Sponsor

No matter the area of law, attorneys are famous for dealing with many legal documents in the course of their normal practice. In fact, according to Arnold & Porter, the average attorney uses so much paper in a year that the sheets would span the circumference of the Supreme Court Building 66 times if they were laid end-to-end. As Franz Kafka once quipped, lawyers are people who write 10,000-word documents and call them 'briefs.' 

Lawyers are writers, and the legal profession is built on the written word. But the prevalence of written forms and documents in the legal field shouldn't cause lawyers to feel burdened by tiresome, detail-oriented work. In today's digital world, attorneys can rely on software to do some of the heavy lifting, giving lawyers the freedom to use their skills in more valuable and higher-impact areas of their practice.

Document Automation Helps Firms Save Money

Attorneys are often skilled writers who approach their work with enthusiasm, but the repetitive and tedious aspects of document preparation can be draining, particularly when an attorney has many documents to prepare. That's why legal document automation is gaining in popularity among professionals who want to streamline their work and maximize their efficiency. By automating many of the most important, but tiresome, aspects of document composition and preparation, LEAP optimizes this cumbersome process, making it possible for attorneys to focus on more fulfilling and lucrative work. 

The library of automated documents available through LEAP was developed through the combined efforts of leading legal and IT professionals, ensuring that all client needs are properly addressed by the LEAP legal practice productivity solution. With LEAP, an attorney enters basic case information into a form or document only once. This information then automatically populates across a variety of relevant forms and templates, eliminating double data entry. This saves legal staff time so they can spend time on the aspects of their practice that they find more engaging, and eliminates the possibility of error that comes with this kind of repetitive work. Automation ensures consistency and accuracy across the board. 

Revolutionize Productivity with LEAP

LEAP continues to build and maintain an extensive and evolving library of pre-automated forms and templates that cover the most common documentation required for New Jersey family law and other common areas of law in each of our core states. A key part of the philosophy of LEAP is providing dedicated and personalized support for each of our clients, which includes no-cost tech support and the ability to connect directly with our content team to ensure that the forms and templates meet your firm's unique needs. As we continue to grow and innovate, LEAP is always looking for ways to provide a more efficient, more customized experience for each of our clients. Enter the Template Document Pack — a new service that is already available to all LEAP clients, making automation even more accessible in their day-to-day practice.

With the Template Document Pack, LEAP clients can now submit their firm's regularly used letter templates to LEAP to have these templates uploaded to their legal practice productivity solution. Shortly after the forms are submitted, the content team at LEAP will then provide customized, automated versions of these documents exclusively for the firm's use. This means that clients can enjoy the benefits of automation, including increased accuracy and efficiency, while retaining all firm-specific details. 

As the original advocates for document automation, LEAP's content team is thrilled to showcase more of what automation can accomplish for clients. By delivering top-notch document services to our users, LEAP enables legal professionals to spend more time on the important aspects of their practice, while also empowering firms to become more productive and profitable.

Book a demo to see LEAP document automation in action. 

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