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Reviews of Soberlink: Insight into the Premier Alcohol Monitoring System in Family Law

3 Apr 2024 9:48 AM | Anonymous

By: Soberlink | AAML NJ Bronze Sponsor 

The Soberlink system is an advanced, portable solution for monitoring alcohol consumption, offering a blend of a high-quality breathalyzer and innovative features like facial recognition and tamper alerts. This enables detailed, real-time supervision of a person's alcohol intake throughout the day. 

For more than ten years, Soberlink has led the field of alcohol monitoring in Family Law, offering lawyers a reliable, evidence-backed method for handling alcohol-related issues. Its admissibility in child custody situations across the United States and Canada, coupled with its ability to offer Family Lawyers and Judges a trusted means of overseeing sobriety, has made it indispensable in protecting children from alcohol abuse.

Seth Nelson from Nelson Law Groureviews the value of Soberlink to him in reducing conflict, safeguarding children, and addressing or disproving allegations of alcohol misuse. Watch Review »

This detailed review provides an in-depth look at the Soberlink Device, explaining its operations and benefits for families navigating divorce.

The Soberlink System

Soberlink combines a handheld, professional breathalyzer with modern technology to measure, document, and communicate alcohol levels in users throughout their day. It's equipped with features to ensure the person tested is the actual user and to prevent any form of cheating.

Reagan Riddle of Armstrong Divorce & Family Law praises Soberlink for its technological edge in preventing result manipulation. Watch Review »

Soberlink's Advanced Reporting transforms testing data into a simple, color-coded calendar, making it easy to interpret test compliance at a glance.

Soberlink: How it Works

Utilizing Soberlink involves discreetly taking a breath alcohol test, which verifies the user's identity via facial recognition before sharing results instantly with predetermined contacts.

This system uniquely handles positive tests by initiating a Retest Cycle, ensuring accuracy by distinguishing between alcohol consumption and other sources of alcohol detection on breath, such as mouthwash.

Jeff Domen of Goranson Bain Ausley sees Soberlink as a game-changer for handling alcohol issues in divorces, emphasizing its simplicity for daily use and the accountability it provides to parents. Watch Review »

Pricing Details for Soberlink

To view Soberlink's pricing, visit their official pricing page. The system requires purchasing a device and a monthly monitoring service. Prices start at $299 for devices, with monthly plans beginning at $129.

Soberlink's programs cater to different needs: The Level 1 Program focuses on testing during parenting time, while the Level 2 Program requires daily testing. Each program offers Basic, Plus, or Premium plan options, varying in features and the number of recipients for test results.

Starting with Soberlink

Purchasing Soberlink is straightforward via their website. The process involves selecting a program, plan, device, and commitment level, followed by device purchase and completion of a monitoring agreement. This agreement, crucial for clarity and responsibility definition, distinguishes Soberlink from other self-monitoring options.

Soberlink in Divorce Contexts

Soberlink devices offer real-time alcohol monitoring, providing Family Courts with accurate evidence of sobriety, crucial in child custody decisions. It aids not just in proving sobriety but also in disproving false accusations of alcohol misuse, offering peace of mind and fairness in custody cases.

Soberlink shines in Family Law due to its non-intrusive monitoring, immediate result sharing, user-friendly software, and the reliability of its facial recognition and tamper detection technologies. Supporting Family Law professionals further, Soberlink provides comprehensive support, including AI-powered reporting, expert evaluations, and dedicated training, reinforcing its role in fostering decisions that are safe for children and equitable for all parties.


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